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We have recently invested in the following piece of equipment due to arrive at the practice in the next few weeks:

Radic8 Viruskiller™️

Radic8 Viruskiller™️ technology was funded in 2004 by the Korean Government in response to SARS. The Viruskiller™️ technology which combines air purification and photocatalytic oxidation is now in over 80% of all hospitals and schools in South Korea with over 370,000 installations.

Radic8 technology uses a two-stage process: filtration followed by photocatalytic oxidation technology and in the Reactor Chamber, UV-C light reacts with the photocatalytic surface intended to create oxidants for killing viruses.

The Viruskiller™️ Technology has a 99.9999% kill rate–in a single pass–against viruses similar to SARS-CoV-2 or harder-to-kill, such as Coronavirus DF2, Adenovirus, Influenza virus, and Poliovirus.*


Victoria House, Victoria Street, Saint Helier, Jersey

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